Amazon Business

Suffolk University’s Procurement services oversees the university Amazon Business account.

  • Our account holders can now take advantage of the following benefits:
  • An average savings of 5-7% across the Amazon Business marketplace
  • Access to millions of additional products, available only to Business customers
  • Business-specific pricing, including quantity discounts on eligible items
  • Automatic tax-exempt purchasing on items sold by LLC and participating 3rd party sellers
  •  Access to a specialized Amazon Business Customer Service team at 888-281-3847

Find out if your department has an Amazon Business account by contacting a personnel in the Purchasing Department.

Registration Instructions

Your Amazon Business account Administrator must invite you to join the organization’s central account. Once invited, you will receive a welcome email to join with a URL (the text in the email is “Activate your account”). If you are signed into any other Amazon account on your default web browser, you will need to sign out before clicking the link. The first time you access Amazon Business you will be prompted to set up your account via one of the three scenarios as described here.

Please read the explanations carefully to understand which applies to you. Note, the scenarios pertain only to your email address. If you have a separate, personal account tied to a personal (gmail, yahoo, etc.) email address, it will not be affected.

Scenario 1 - I have never used my email address on Amazon

The first time you access Amazon Business, you will be prompted to set up an Amazon Business account. Use your email address and enter a password. (Please note: your password does not need to be the same as other internal systems).

Scenario 2 - I already use my email address to make Suffolk University purchases on Amazon

If your email address is already associated with an account, you will have the option to convert your existing account and transfer any purchase history and pending orders to the central business account.

Scenario 3 - I already use my email address to make personal purchases on

If your email address is already associated with a personal account, you will be required to assign a new email address to that existing account. You will be prompted to select “Create a separate business account” and will need to choose a new, personal email address (e.g. or that is NOT tied to another Amazon account.

You will not be able to continue using your email address for your personal Amazon account.

Search for your items on the Amazon Business website.