Travel & Expense Reimbursement

All employees incurring business related expenses requesting reimbursement must comply with the related policy.

All Faculty and Staff must visit the updated Travel Policy During Covid-19 page prior to making any travel arrangements.

Travel Policy and Reimbursement

Prior to making travel arrangements, consult the Travel Arrangements and Reimbursement Policy [PDF].

The Travel Authorization and Expense Report is used to authorize a trip and submit final costs and receipts at the conclusion of the trip. Everyone within the University must use this report for overnight travel. It must be prepared and approved in advance of your trip. You may obtain a copy of the form from the Business Office.

Local Travel and Expense Reimbursement

For non-overnight travel or reimbursement requests for purchases, consult the Purchase & Non-Travel Meal Reimbursement Policy [PDF]. To request reimbursement, use the Expense Reimbursement Request Form [XLS]. This form also requires preapproval. If the total reimbursement is $20 or less, consider Petty Cash for reimbursement.

Other considerations

For group travel, POs may be used for airline, hotels, registration, etc.

In the rare event of a lost receipt, a Lost Receipt Form [DOCX] must be included with the request for reimbursement.

Employee Reimbursement

Employee reimbursement may be direct deposit. This is separate from payroll and therefore requires a separate form. Please complete the Direct Deposit Form [PDF] and return to the Accounts Payable department.

Important Notice

Mileage Rate Per IRS

2021 rate is 56 cents
2020 rate is 57.5 cents