Maintenance Requests

All maintenance requests are completed on a first-come, first-served basis. We will try to accommodate your needs as quickly and as efficiently as possible.
If you have any questions or concerns regarding the status of an in-progress request, please do not hesitate to email or contact our main office at 617-573-8110. For the most efficient service, submit a maintenance request utilizing Suffolk University’s online system.

Signage requests

Are you moving offices? Do you need new name signage? Feel free to create and print your own office name signs by clicking your new office location below:

How to submit a maintenance request

Suffolk University Quick Step Guide for Maintenance Requesters

Go to the myschoolbuilding website.

Follow Step 1 if you are a first time user or if asked to enter an Organization Account Number. Returning users can jump to Step 2.

If it is the first time your computer has been to the website, enter the Organization Account number 456279495 and click Submit Organization as prompted.

Step 1: Enter your school Email Address to access the work request page

1a: If you are not a registered user, you will be able to create an account by following instructions on the screen. Start by entering your Last Name in the field provided. Click Submit to continue.

1b: Finish this part of the registration by entering your First Name, and Phone Number. Note: Phone Number is required.

Step 2: Use the drop down menus to select the Location and Building where the work needs to take place. Follow the same steps for Area, and then type in the Area/Room Number.

Step 3: Select the icon that best describes your Problem and click on it. If the problem type is not listed, or you are unsure, choose the one that is closest one.

Step 4: Type in a detailed Description of the problem you are reporting. Please be descriptive and complete. The more information you include, the better we will be able to address your needs.

Step 5: Optional: Enter the best Time for a technician to come by and perform the work. Enter a time when the room is unoccupied or when a technician’s presence will have the least amount of class disruption.

Step 6: Optional: You may include a Requested Completion Date. This will not guarantee the work will be completed by that date but will be used to help prioritize the requested work.

Step 7: Optional: Attachments: You can attach a file to your request. Attachments can be used to give the Maintenance department a better understanding of the request you are entering. You can include up to 2 screenshots, pictures, diagrams, or documents up to 3MB each.

Step 8: Type in the Submittal Password for Suffolk University maintenance requests. This password is: PASSWORD

Step 9: Click Submit to have your request sent to the Maintenance Department.

Checking the Status of Your Requests

After you click Submit, the screen will refresh and go to the My Request Tab.

On this screen you will see up to date information on your request including the status, work order number and action taken notes. You can click on the number next to the status description to see all request marked with that status. You can search for any work order request by typing in a key word in the search box and clicking Go. This will pull up any of your requests with that word in it. (e.g., "keys" would pull up any request dealing with keys).