IT Governance

IT Governance Executive Committee (ITGEC) at Suffolk University guides the IT Governance Process. The ITGEC is Chaired by the CIO. An ITS Project Request Form must be submitted to begin the IT Governance Process. The project request needs to be approved before placed into the Fiscal Year Budget.

New Software, Platform or Product Request

  1. Complete the ITS Project Request On-Line Form on the Suffolk Portal
    • The ITS Project Request form must be approved by: the Requestor, the Manager, and a Sponsor at the Vice President, Provost, or Dean Level
    • Once the ITS Project Request On-Line Form is completed, the Suffolk Portal forwards the form to Marian Sales in the ITS Project Management Office (PMO)
    • Note: submission of a completed ITS Project Request Form does not imply that it is a guarantee that it will be approved for implementation
  2. When the PMO receives the completed ITS Project Request Form, they contact the vendor to have both a Security Assessment and Accessibility Assessment done. If the request does not meet Suffolk standards for security and accessibility it will not move forward and the process stops at this point
  3. If there are no issues with the Security Assessment and Accessibility Assessment, the next step is to prepare to present to the IT Governance Executive Committee (ITGEC) for approval. The PMO will work with the requestor on completing the Value Proposition Presentation and Third-Party Vendor Form
  4. If the ITGEC approves the new request, it is submitted to the Budget Office for approval and inclusion in the budget
    • The project request needs to be approved before placed into the Fiscal Year Budget
    • If the request is submitted post the normal budget cycle approval, the Sponsor must confirm the source of funding supporting the request
  5. If the budget is approved for the request, the procurement process begins

Learn more about the IT Governance Process Flow [PDF].

Project Requests to Replace Current Software, Platform or Product

  1. A Discovery will need to be completed
  2. Complete the ITS Project Request Form on the Suffolk Portal
  3. When the ITS PMO receives the completed ITS Project Request Form, they will assist with the discovery process and a identify the team members that will assess the request. Team Members are: the sponsor, requestor, stakeholders, Enterprise Applications and appropriate ITS staff
  4. The Discovery Team will determine if there is an option already being used at the University that can meet the requirements. If not, then 2 to 4 vendors will be evaluated; demos are scheduled, and each product will be rated for value and functional fit
  5. If the team finds a replacement software, platform or product that meets the requirements, then steps 2-5 outlined in the IT Governance Process for a New Software, Platform or Product Request need to be completed

Existing Software, Platform or Product Upgrade

If the request is for an upgrade to an existing product or contract renewal, there will be a short and quick review of data contract terms, security, accessibility, and continued architectural fit.

Task vs. Project

When evaluated, some initiatives may be determined to be a task rather than a project.

Definition of a Project

  • Software and Hardware Initiatives that require more than one person or more than 7 hours to complete
  • The cost is over $10,000.00

Definition of a Task

  • A Task takes a level of effort of one person and less than 7 hours of work to complete
  • The cost is under $10,000.00 (this is based on review)
  • Tasks are submitted to the ITS Service Desk via email