IT Governance

IT Governance at Suffolk University is sponsored by the Sr. Vice President of Finance and Administration and Chaired by CIO.

IT Governance Process

  1. Complete the ITS Software Request Form [DOC]
    • The form must be signed by the Requestor, the Manager and the Sponsor  (Sponsors are at the Vice President, Provost and Dean Level)
    • Once complete, forward the request form to Marian Sales [email protected] in the PMO. 
    • Note: submission of a signed request form does not imply that it is a guarantee that it will be approved
  2. When the PMO receives the completed Request Form, they contact the vendor to have both a Security/Access Assessment and Accessibility Assessment completed. If the request does not meet Suffolk standards for security and accessibility it will not move forward and the process stops at this point.
  3. If there are no issues with the Security/Access Assessment and Accessibility Assessment, the request process proceeds and the request is presented to the IT Governance Executive Committee (ITGEC) for approval. The PMO will work with the requestor on the presentation/value proposition. 
  4. The project request needs to be approved before placed into the Fiscal Year budget.   Please note: If this request is submitted after the normal budget cycle approval, the Sponsor must confirm the source of the funding supporting the request.
  5. If the Request is approved, it’s submitted to budget for approval.
  6. If the budget is approved for the request, the procurement process begins. 

Download the IT Governance Process Flow [PDF] for more information.

If the request is for a new software to replace a current software, a discovery is required.  
  • The ITS PMO will assist with the discovery process. A team (composed of the sponsor, requestor, stakeholders, and appropriate ITS staff) will evaluate the request.
  • If there’s a current product at the University that can meet the requirement, that will be evaluated first. If not, then 2 to 4 vendors are evaluated, demos are scheduled, and each product rated for value and functional fit.
  • If the team finds a software and/or product that meets the requirement, the requestor and PMO will present to the ITGEC for approval.

If the request is for an upgrade to an existing software or contract renewal, there will be a short and quick review of data contract terms, security, accessibility, and continued architectural fit.