IT Governance

IT Governance at Suffolk University is sponsored by the Sr. Vice President of Finance and Administration and Chaired by CIO.

The IT Governance is responsible for assuring that IT investments align to generate academic and business value by achieving institutional goals, while balancing risk vs. return. IT Governance determines the decision rights and accountability framework for the use of technology at the University. It focuses specifically on IT infrastructure, software applications, and systems; business and academic processes; IT services and their performance; and risk management. Committee membership includes academic and administrative leaders of all key functional areas of the university.

The goals of IT Governance at Suffolk University are to:

  • Provide representation from across the university
  • Ensure Software and Hardware Initiatives align with the Strategic Plan
  • Issue transparency in how ITS Software and Hardware Initiatives are reviewed for approval
  • ITS Software and Hardware Initiatives approved by the Working Group Committee and ITGEC provide value to the university
  • Broaden involvement in prioritization of approved ITS Software and Hardware
  • Deliver a more integrated approach to project development and management

All new ITS Software and Hardware Project Requests are initiated by downloading the ITS Software/Hardware Project Request Form [DOC] and send the completed request to the IT Governance Committee