Student Testimonials

The Student Technical Employment Program (STEP) gives Suffolk students invaluable hands-on experience with the world of IT.

But don't take our word for it! Here's what STEP students themselves have to say.

"To all students majoring in Information Systems who are looking for an internship to fulfill the ISOM practicum requirement and seeking knowledge and experience: An opportunity to do so exists at Suffolk University Information Technology Services. Working in ITS helped me learn over a few months what I always thought would take numerous years to grasp. As technology advances day by day, I’ve always been able to be up-to-date in my learning process. Today I can proudly say that I graduated understanding theoretical concepts, able to apply them, and ready to enter the professional world. The kindness and team spirit of the staff contributed a lot to my willingness to be a perpetual learner and helped me be the IT technician assistant I’ve aspired to be. There is a lot to learn in technology and computer systems, and this process is a great way to start."

Cheikh Ahmadou Bamba Sene

Cheikh Ahmadou Bamba Sene Bachelor of Science in Information Systems and Operations Management - Class of 2014

"The Suffolk University Student Technical Employment Program (STEP) has been extremely beneficial to me. It has given me the opportunity to relay and build on my IT technical skills and the knowledge I attained in my ISOM classes. I have developed many skills and have a much greater understanding of what to expect after college. During my learning process, I thought I would have to encounter many obstacles (for example, meeting deadlines or balancing my classes and the work hours) but I was completely mistaken. The great team in ITS gave me the opportunity to choose my own work hours. I have been fortunate to work with such an amazing team, who devoted their time teaching me about the IT field. They have always instilled their trust in me to provide quality results, whether regarding customers' technical problems or software deployments. Every student that chooses this program has the opportunity to make a significant impact on his or her future professional career."

Kokou (Mark) Golokuma

Kokou (Mark) Golokuma Bachelor of Science in Information Systems and Operations Management - Class of 2015

"Before being introduced to STEP at Suffolk University, I was struggling to find an internship that would not only fulfill my required 150 hours to graduate, but also provide interesting work and the opportunity to learn. I was referred to the program by a classmate--whom I have thanked many times! The application process was easy. I was chosen for a technical assistant position with the IT Service Desk. I was thrilled but also nervous that I would not be able to do my job correctly or that I would be slow at learning the technical pieces. But Dahlia, Seth, and Andy (ITS staff members) never made me feel like it was work; they made me feel like it was a class, with obstacles that I needed to tackle to learn new things. It was a fun experience and I only wish I joined the program earlier. I have advertised my job and STEP to my classmates and many of them have applied to the program! They will not regret it. I never would have felt so confident in my work without STEP."

Vy Ha

Vy Ha Bachelor of Science in Information Systems and Operations Management - Class of 2016