Proposal Form for On-Campus Lab and Art Studio Spaces

Please review the information on this page and complete the form, which will be routed to the necessary individuals and reviewed by the University Research Reopening Committee.

To plan for the usage of these spaces, all principal investigators (PIs) and faculty members requesting to use on-campus lab and studio space must submit this form. The completed form will be reviewed by a subcommittee of the University Research Space Utilization Committee and then approved by University administrators. The PIs or faculty members must receive University approval before reoccupying any lab or studio space.

Plans will be reviewed, and approvals given, on a rolling basis as they are received, with the understanding that plans may need to be modified as conditions at the University and in the Community evolve. Use of these spaces will be contingent on compliance with federal, state, and local regulations as well as the availability of disinfectants and personal protection equipment (PPE). COVID-19 training, provided by Suffolk OEHS, will be required for personnel to conduct laboratory activity. Adherence to general guidelines, trainings, protocols for self-monitoring and health attestations, as mandated by the Suffolk Safe Actions for Employee Return (SAFER) Committee, is also required.

Classroom course activities with students will always take precedent followed by priority for laboratory and art studio access will be given to plans that include the following purposes:

  1. safety reasons (e.g., removal of waste from common goods)
  2. teaching needs (e.g. making of videos for online courses that they will be teaching)
  3. completing research by pre-tenured faculty on the tenure track
  4. research funded by grants that are not able to be extended
  5. graduate student projects

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