students selfie royal palace madrid

Students enjoying a visit to the Madrid Royal Palace.

Are you considering studying at Suffolk University Madrid? Whether you seek a full-time academic program or a study-abroad experience, we can help you choose the right program; get details about travel, visas, housing, and fees; and make your experience academically rewarding. Please browse this website and contact us with questions at any time, in English or in Spanish.

How to get to campus:

By subway

Get off at the Metropolitano subway stop (line 6, gray line), and take the exit (“salida”) called Paseo de Juan XXIII. Once you come up the many escalators and stairs to street level, turn around so the traffic light is on your right. There will be a “fotocopias” shop on your left. Walk to the first street, Vicente Aleixandre, and continue to the next street, General Asensio Cabanillas. Turn left on the street after General Asensio Cabanillas, Calle Sierra (the street sign is missing). Walk up this street until you reach an intersection of five streets. Counting from the street on your left, Calle de la Viña is the third one. The Madrid Campus is on the right side at number 3 (white gate). Total walk time from subway: five minutes.

By bus

The nearest bus stop is in Calle Isaac Peral, bus line Circular. Tell the bus driver to let you know where the bus stop is on Calle Isaac Peral and Paseo de Juan XXIII. Walk up Calle de los Olivos, and make a right on the first street, which is ours. The Madrid Campus is on the right hand side at number 3 (white gate).

By taxi

If you take a taxi, give the driver the following instructions: Por favor, lléveme a la Calle de la Viña, 3, que está en la zona de Moncloa. Llegue hasta el final de la Avenida de Reina Victoria, y baje la Avenida del Valle, hasta casi el final. La calle de la Viña es la penúltima a la derecha (antes de llegar a la calle Isaac Peral).