At Suffolk University Madrid Campus we are firmly convinced that travel experiences are an integral part of any well-rounded educational program. Madrid’s geographical situation, right in the middle of the Iberian Peninsula, allows us to travel anywhere in Spain, and gives us the opportunity to visit some of the most important regions in the country.

Our trips and excursions are carefully organized, and their main goal is to combine learning and fun, while giving our students the chance to come in close contact with Spanish culture, history and traditions that would not be otherwise available to the average visitor.


  • Students must decide which weekend excursion they want by the first day of classes each semester.
  • Sign up procedure must be carried out via an e-mail message from each individual student, to Amy McAllister. Group e-mails are not valid for anyone except the sender.
  • Changes, due to medical emergencies, are admissible when accompanied by a valid medical document. Students who become ill and as a consequence miss the final trip of the semester cannot be reimbursed. Students who miss earlier trips in the semester, due to validated medical emergencies, will be accommodated on later trips in the semester, whenever possible.
  • Failure to sign up for a trip, or failure to show up for the trip chosen, will result in the student’s forfeiture of a weekend cultural excursion. There are no refunds.
  • Students wishing to do so may attend a second or third trip during the fall and spring semesters provided that all other students have had an opportunity. Second and third trips must be paid for separately in Student Accounts.