CJN 225 World Cinema (4 credits)
Monika Raesch
An introductory course in film studies with a focus on foreign films. Movies studied include masterpieces of cinema from Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and other nations (Films have subtitles).
Prerequisites: None.

EC 445 Economics of the European Union (4 credits)
An economic analysis of the European Union, the history of European monetary and economic integration. and the creation of the Euro. A survey of the development and evolution of key European policies, such competition, industry, agriculture, environment, regional, etc. A discussion of economic implications of the enlargement of the European Union, as well as its trade relations with the U.S. and other countries within the context of the World Trade Organization.
Prerequisites: EC 101 & 102.

FIN 200 Business Finance (3 credits)
Karen Simonyan
This course is a study of the functions of business finance and focuses on basic financial principles such as time value of money, risk and return tradeoffs, and asset valuation. Formally FIN 310.
Prerequisites: MATH 128 or higher; ACCT 201; STATS 240 or STATS 250 (can take concurrently with FIN 200); Sophomore standing.

PSYCH 215 Behavioral StatisticsĀ (4 credits)
Lance Swenson
Introduces the use of statistics as tools for description and decision-making, including hypothesis testing. Prepares students for the analysis, interpretation, and evaluation of psychological research. Required for psychology majors; should be taken before the junior year.
Prerequisites: PSYCH 114; restricted to majors only unless with permission of instructor.

SCI 360/L360 Planetary Science & Astrobiology with Lab (4 credits)
Anurag Sharma
This course introduces concepts that are central to the understanding of life on Earth, feasibility and the search for life in the universe. The approach of this course is multidisciplinary focus on the life's origins, habitability, and the possibility of life elsewhere through space exploration of possible habitable (Earth-like) environments in our solar system and beyond. The main theme of the course is to understand the habitability of Earth in context with alien environments. We will explore the scientific understanding of life in extreme environments and detection of life itself. With Mt. Teide volcano (Tenerife) as our laboratory, we will explore the evolution and emergence of life in new environments in context with astrophysical observations and biochemical principles that sustain life processes.
The core theme of this Interdisciplinary Science focused course is suitable for students who may have taken their last science and math course several years ago, or are just curious about knowing facts on Life on Earth and the science behind the search for life in other planetary bodies. Together with a reading component, this course aims to give students a flavor of how researchers think, work in the field, make observations and build hypothesis. Topics covered in this course range from origins to life, life in extreme environments, search for habitable exoplanets and defining the habitable zone in the universe.
Prerequisites: None.

SIB 321 Intro. to International Business (3 credits)
Gopi Gopinath
The course provides students with an understanding of problems and opportunities associated with doing business across country and cultural boundaries and to encourage global business thinking and strategy formulation. Topics include the forms of international business involvement; economic, social, cultural and political conditions; national and multinational regulations of international transactions and investments; and global strategies for business operations.
Prerequisites: SIB 101 or HST 149 or HST 150 and sophomore standing or higher.

SPAN 101 Elementary Spanish I (4 credits)
Rafael Cabañas
Practice in both oral and written language skills. Class activities are organized around cultural themes that reflect the diversity of the Hispanic world and its interconnectedness with the rest of the world. This course is for students who have no previous knowledge of Spanish or who have been placed at the level by the placement exam. Students will practice all skills so that they are able to read, write, speak and understand Spanish with as much fluidity as possible. Students will also be introduced to the cultures of the contemporary Spanish-speaking world through a variety of activities which will help them progress and practice the basic linguistic skills.
Prerequisites: None.

SPAN 201 Elementary Spanish I (4 credits)
Systematic review of Spanish grammar and study of Spanish through texts of cultural interest. Development of written and oral skills through compositions and audiovisual materials.
Prerequisites: SPAN 102.

SPAN 295 Spanish in the Workplace (4 credits)
Rafael Cabañas
Through a systematic review of grammar, a diversity of readings, and oral as well as written work, students will increase their lexical and grammatical knowledge of Spanish language specific to the workplace in order to communicate more easily and comfortably. Students will also be better prepared to deal with the specific themes related to business introduced in the course.
Prerequisites: SPAN 202 or appropriate score on Spanish Placement Exam.

STATS 250 Applied Statistics (4 credits)
Alfonso Taboada
Application of statistical analysis to real-world business and economic problems. Topics include data presentation, descriptive statistics including measures of location and dispersion, introduction to probability, discrete and continuous random variables, probability distributions, sampling and sampling distributions, statistical inference including estimation and hypothesis testing, simple and multiple regression analyses.
Prerequisites: MATH 128 or higher.

THETR 319 Flamenco in Madrid (3 credits)
Marilyn Plotkins
This is a three week, four credit, faculty led intensive course in Flamenco dance. The study of Flamenco immerses students in the rich cultural heritage of Spain's most popular and passionate art form. This unique program blends studio classes in the heart of Madrid with a study of the vibrant history and culture of Spain. Students interested in study abroad are encouraged to take language courses in the Humanities Department.
Prerequisites: Instructor's consent.