Mons Observatory Tenerife Canary Islands

Astronomy Lab Trip. Mons Observatory, Tenerife.

In line with Suffolk University’s Strategic Plan imperatives, the Madrid Campus offers an integrated and student-centered learning experience. This experience blends theory and practice in a variety of ways with the purpose of preparing our students to become innovative thinkers who can succeed in a rapidly evolving employment landscape and in an increasingly global community.

At Suffolk Madrid, this experiential learning approach to higher education permeates both in academic life, as well as non-academic activities.

Internship Program

Open to qualified sophomores, juniors and seniors, Suffolk Madrid’s internship program gives students the opportunity to intern in a Spanish company. Students will earn college credit, while at the same time gain experience through interacting with professionals in a real-world work environment. Our internship program has a variety of placements and will match students to their desired interest or academic major. Interning in a Spanish company will allow students the chance to start developing an international professional network, as well as vastly improve their Spanish language proficiency. The invaluable skills acquired through an internship opportunity abroad will stay with students throughout their academic career and into their future employment.


Course-related Trips and Activities

Utilizing the local resources in Spain to complement and enrich academic content is a goal for many of the courses offered at Suffolk Madrid. Faculty are encouraged to include out-of-the-classroom activities in their syllabus with the purpose of providing students with practical knowledge and experience.


Universidad CEU San Pablo

Suffolk Madrid students are allowed to take credit-bearing courses in the Spanish education system at our partner university, CEU San Pablo. Conveniently located across the street from Suffolk Madrid, the CEU San Pablo facilities are open to our students, including the library, cafeteria, gym and sports facilities. Our students are also encouraged to take part in the cultural activities and team sports offered at our partner institution. In this way, Suffolk Madrid students can interact with Spanish peers in both academic and social settings.


Volunteer Program

For some students, community outreach is a big part of the Suffolk Madrid experience. From volunteering at soup kitchens, to working with refugees, or teaching English to elementary children, our students are very active within the community. Through service learning, Suffolk Madrid students make their time in Spain even more rewarding.



Although we offers three types of housing options (host families, student residences, and apartments), the host family option tends to be a favorite among our students. Living with Spanish host families while studying abroad allows our students to be completely immersed in the Spanish culture. Through direct, daily contact with Spanish society, students not only enhance their language acquisition, but also learn to appreciate their new surroundings by broadening their personal perspectives.