The J-1 Exchange Visitor Program operates under the auspices of the United States Department of State Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs. Each Exchange Visitor Program has a program description under which that program must operate and designates an individual or individuals as the University staff responsible for the administration of the particular J-1 program. 

Maintaining Your J-1 Status

As a J-1 student at Suffolk University, you have been admitted for a specific period of time to engage in your particular area of study, as described on your DS-2019 form. It is important that you maintain lawful J-1 status while in the U.S. There are some simple steps you can take to ensure that your stay in the U.S. remains valid:
  • Be aware of the expiration date of your status. This is not your visa expiration date; it is the ending date in section 3 of your DS-2019 form.
  • Do not accept unauthorized employment.
  • If you will transfer to another college or university to pursue another degree, discuss your plans with an ISSO advisor to make sure that the required transfer procedure can be accomplished.
  • J-1 visitors are allowed a 30-day grace period beyond the end date on their DS-2019. This additional 30-day period is NOT for employment, extensions, or transfers. If you travel outside the U.S. during your 30-day grace period, you forfeit the remaining grace period and may not re-enter the U.S. under J-1 status.
  • Keep your passport valid. Passports can be renewed by your consulate in New York or Boston. For information about the nearest consulate check