Lifelong learning is critical to the development of an outstanding faculty. We aim to inspire academic excellence by encouraging constant refinement and development of the practice of teaching. 

Our services—available to individual faculty members as well as departments—seek to promote an atmosphere in which individuals may discover their most effective teaching methods.

  • Department Chair Training

    Through a collaboration with the Provost’s Office, we offer periodic training sessions for new and seasoned department chairs.

    These opportunities offer chairpersons the time to meet with each other to share best practices, resources, and strategies. We also offer several department chair resources in our lending library (located on the 12th floor of 73 Tremont). Stop by to check out our selection. A complimentary copy of The Academic Chair’s Handbook is available upon request.

  • TA Training

    Doctoral students in the Psychology department and undergraduates in the CAS Teaching Assistant Program (TAP) participate in TA trainings through the CTSE. Training occurs at the beginning of Fall and Spring semesters as necessary.

    TA Training Topics:

    • FERPA [PPT]
    • General TA responsibilities
    • Grading and feedback
    • Active learning
    • Leading discussion
    • Teaching one-on-one
    • Navigating ethical and professional dilemmas
  • Classroom Observation

    CTSE staff members are available to conduct classroom observations for any faculty member or part-time lecturer.

    During the classroom observation session, our staff member will take notes on instructional techniques, pacing, levels of student engagement, and any other components that may influence student learning. 

    After the observation is complete, we'll debrief you on what we observed, including your strengths and potential areas for improvement. We also offer training for departments interested in learning peer observation techniques.

  • Consultations

    CTSE staff members are available for confidential consultations in the areas of Teaching & Learning, Teaching with Technology, and Scholarship & Productivity. Consultations take place in the CTSE office and typically last one hour. If you would like to set up a one-on-one appointment, please contact us at  Topics may include, but are not limited to: 

    Scholarship & Productivity:

    • Help you identify and overcome any ineffective writing habits
    • Provide support and encouragement
    • Help you brainstorm an idea or give feedback on a research plan
    • Provide feedback on the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL)
    • Recommend journals for publishing SoTL research
    • Assist with goal setting and accountability
    • Sabbatical support
    • Offer reading and writing resources in lending library

    Teaching with Technology:

    • Use of technology in the classroom
    • Hybrid 101
    • Blackboard Course Design
    • Incorporating social media
    • Best practices for Blackboard tools
    • Online assessment tools
    • Blackboard assessment tools
    • Creating effective video lectures

    Teaching & Learning:

    • Syllabus construction and review
    • Course design and planning
    • Student feedback review
    • Student assessment


  • Midterm Feedback


    Ever wish you could ask your students, in-semester, how things are going? Now you can with a mid-term feedback session coordinated by CTSE.

    Upon your request, we'll schedule a time to visit your classroom to ask your students to give feedback on your teaching methods and their ability to learn in your class. Here are some of the questions we'll ask your students during the visit:
    • What are the strengths of the course and the instructor that assist you in learning?
    • What things are making it more difficult for you to learn and what suggestions do you have for improvement?
    • What might you do personally to improve your learning in the course?
    The student responses will be gathered into a confidential report. Once it's ready, we'll discuss the results with you and discuss ideas for improvement based on what they had to say. Research has shown that faculty members who conduct mid-course feedback and have a consultation raise their end-of-semester evaluations and improve learning. You can register for a midterm feedback session by accessing our events calendar or by emailing

    Would you rather collect your own mid-semester feedback?

    If you wish to gather feedback directly from students, we recommend that you download and print this form. Bring enough forms for each student to complete individually and anonymously. Upon request, a CTSE consultant can review and discuss your feedback. If you're interested in this option, you can either drop off the hard copies or scan and email them to the CTSE at

    You may be interested in using an online feedback system such as the Blackboard Survey tool. If you have any questions about implementing an online feedback tool, feel free to contact the CTSE for support.

Please contact us for more information on all services or to inquire about a training/consultation session.