There are several unique features make this course ideal for first-year students.

  • Dedicated Instructors - Instructors are full-time faculty and professional staff. They can serve as a valuable resource and referral for questions in many areas of college life. 
  • Small classes - With a class capacity of 19 to 25 students, you will be in a group where you can actively participate.
  • Upper-class Teaching Assistants - Each section has an assistant who provides a peer’s perspective on success and serves as another resource for ongoing advice and support.

FYE Course Focus

Academic Skills and Resources

Enhance critical reading and writing, problem solving skills, library and Internet research, study skills and time management, public speaking, group work, understanding of different learning styles, and technology use. 

Personal Development

Develop a sensitivity and appreciation of other cultures and ideologies, learn to cope with change, manage time and stress, values assessment, and application of personal and life experiences to classroom materials. 

Career and Professional Preparation

Explore academic fields and clarify professional interests using reflective exercises and career assessment inventories. 

Campus Resources and Involvement

Fully utilize campus resources designed to support your success and examine the many opportunities to enrich your University experience through involvement in student life and community service.