Sixteen SUMC Astronomy students, their professors Dr. F. Jiménez and H. Stoev, did observations at Teide National Observatory in the Canary Islands in late March. Turbulent weather during the stay prevented clear viewing every night, though Jupiter and Saturn were sighted along with several nebulae. Also included were visits to Parque de las Cañadas and volcanic formations near Mt. Teide (3,700 m.)

Students’ comments about the experience were:

“The trip was very worth it. During the long cold nights, we might have collectively not had the best morale, but seeing the significant amount of stars on top of the mountain made it all worth it. The island was also gorgeous to visit. Overall, it was a great and worthwhile trip. Just bring warm clothes!”-Taylor Preston

“I give these scientists a lot of credit for capturing those beautiful pictures of the planets and other galaxies, because with the movement of the earth and the planets it is difficult to capture those images perfectly. We were trying to take a clear picture of Jupiter, but it moved so fast that by the time we had it in focus it had already moved to the other side of the screen!” -Kaila MillettĀ