Obtain a valid passport if you do not already have one

Receive notification of acceptance from Suffolk University

Receive notification of acceptance from host university (Madrid students will only receive one acceptance)

Pay any program or housing deposits, if required

Attend relevant workshops through the study abroad office such as peer mentor events, financial workshops, and Spanish student visa workshops

Investigate your options for overseas health insurance coverage

Check the visa requirements for the country where you will be studying

Gather documents and apply for a student visa if you are required to obtain one

Complete any housing forms by designated program deadlines

Register for courses/ Be registered for courses

Students going to Madrid will register on MySuffolk at an assigned date and time

All other students will be placed into “placeholder courses”. Do not drop these courses and do not register for courses in Boston. This will be taken care of for you.

Purchase a plane ticket (only after official acceptance)

MANDATORY: Attend the Suffolk University Pre-Departure Orientation

 Create an account with the U.S. Department of State STEP Program, and please check back for updates on our new international travel assistance provider.

 Pick up your student visa at the appropriate Consulate

 Students studying at the Madrid Campus will receive notification from the Study Abroad Office when their visa is ready

Contact your doctor about any medical concerns, questions about vaccinations, and obtaining any prescriptions in advance

Notify your bank and credit card companies that you will be out of the country for a period of time

 Start packing! (use this guide for packing for a study abroad semester)