All students, staff, and faculty traveling abroad through Suffolk University are enrolled in the Drum Cussac global risk management platform through the duration of their stay abroad.

Drum Cussac provides the following services:

  • Location-specific information about vaccinations and medical health checks necessary prior to travel
  • Provides updated informaiton of potential risks for travel destinations
During Trip
  • Ability to share location with member of Suffolk dispatch team
  • Provides updated travel and safety information for all destinations
  • Ability to communicate with Suffolk dispatch team directly through GlobalRiskManager App
  • Emergency assistance through a telephone call or SOS trigger in GlobalRiskManager App
  • Incident response and management
  • Emergency medical assistance and/or evacuation
  • Emergency assistance and/or evacuation in case of natural disaster, health crisis, security incident, etc.
  • Post incident support, such as psychological support
  • Medical advice for illness possibly related to travel
  • Post incident and case management

You will receive a Travel Risk Brief and Incident Alerts prior to and during travel from Drum Cussac. Any questions can be directed toward Drum Cussac's 24/7 Global Response Center at +1 240 330 1342, or the Center for International Programs and Services.  

Take the following steps prior to your departure:

Step 1: Save Drum Cussac designated Suffolk University phone number in your phone +1 240 330 1342.
Step 2: Download the GlobalRiskManager App on the iTunes App Store or Google Play.
Step 3: You will receive an email from Drum Cussac prior to your trip with your log-in instructions.  You must use the link in this email to access your account within 24 hours.

Note: Drum Cussac is not a first responder. If you are in a true emergency and need medical or police assistance, you should call the country’s equivalent to 9-1-1.