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  • MLA Citation Help

    The Sawyer Library has lots and lots of help when working on citations. 

    MLA In-text Citations

    This Purdue Owl page is helpful for MLA beginners and students who already know how to cite using MLA, but want to check their work. It also includes a section for citing online resources.

    MLA Works Cited Page: Books

    A starting point for anyone who needs help completing/editing an MLA-style Works Cited page or bibliography. One example shows how to cite an online article or a story from an anthology (this may be particularly useful for a student taking a freshman or sophomore English class that uses a reader).

    MLA Works Cited Page: Electronic Sources

    This page shows you how to cite many kinds of online sources and explains what to do if a website or news article doesn’t have a listed author. This page includes a lot of examples about what to do if you can’t find certain information, so it is helpful for students who are doing a research paper with many outside sources.

    MLA Works Cited: Other Common Sources

    This page shows you how to cite movies and TV, paintings and photographs, and presentations. A good number of freshman assignments ask the student to analyze art or photographs.

  • Grammar

    Grammar Girl is excellent for common mistakes like affect/effect, I/me, lay/lie, who/whom. Check “Grammar Girls’ Most Popular Tips” and “Grammar Girl’s Most Recent Tips”.

    This website reviews various grammar rules. It also offers free interactive grammar quizzes.

  • Blogs to Explore

    Grammar & Composition expert Richard Nordquist writes a blog here. He offers various articles containing tips on grammar and food for thought about the writing process.

    This is a witty grammar blog

  • English as a Second Language Help

    This website is geared specifically towards ESL students and has a lot of good, simple explanations for tricky grammar rules. There are also many helpful quizzes on the site. Here are links to specific sections of the site: