The Center for Teaching & Scholarly Excellence works closely with the CLAS to provide support for students and staff with online learning. If you have a question or need help, please reach out to both offices and we would be happy to help you and your students. 

  • Suffolk Course Design Resources

    Suffolk's Center for Teaching and Scholarly Excellence has a wide range of resources to help faculty transition their face-to-face courses to a hybrid or online format, as well as improve their current hybrid/online offerings. Their Hybrid Course Design page is particularly robust and it is highly recommended that you incorporate their highlighted best practices into your courses.

  • Exceptional Course Design Samples

     Blackboard Inc. has compiled video tours of award-winning courses that are well-designed and effective at delivering their content. View the playlist here.

  • Blackboard Tutorials

    Are you new to Blackboard 9 or want to improve your knowledge of the technology? Browse Blackboard's Knowledge Base here.

  • What to do with a struggling student

    The CLAS depends on faculty to identify struggling students early so interventions can be implemented quickly. If you feel unable to help a student succeed, the staff at the CLAS is ready to step in.

    At any point, a student can be referred to academic coaching for 1-1 support with a CLAS coach. The Early Alert process is another great way to flag a struggling student. If you believe there is a language barrier, the Developmental English and Math team can provide language support. Additionally, the Office of Disability Services has a variety of assistive technology and tools for students who are facing difficulties in their classes.