This fall, SUMC is pleased to start the semester with an all campus Welcome Trip in the province of Salamanca, located west of Madrid, near the Portuguese border. Over four days, students and members of the faculty and staff made their base at the Universidad de Salamanca, the medieval city famous for its renowned university. The province is particularly rich; its Roman history, natural resources, and distinct Castilian culture make it one of Spain’s most interesting and delightful regions.

Our orientation allows students to brush up on their Spanish, learn about Spanish culture, and get to know fellow students, faculty, and staff, while experiencing the varied landscape of this beautiful region. Students tour the heart of Salamanca, starting in its Plaza Mayor and moving on to the Cathedral. A chance to walk on the roof will also be offered, for some spectacular views!

From mid-morning until late afternoon, students travel to visit some of the surrounding areas. We take students to an active ranch to see wild bulls up close, go horseback riding, so swimming, learn about the history of bullfighting, and join in a traditional “capea” if they choose. We also take part in sports and field-day activities for some plain old fun and games.

In the evenings we return to Salamanca so students can then go out and explore the city, a lively university town with plenty to see and do.