My internship experience in Madrid during the summer of 2014 has been wonderful and incredibly rewarding; immersing in a new culture has encouraged me to look at the world from a different angle and has enriched my cultural background. It has allowed me to tap into my strengths and weaknesses more clearly, get out of my comfort zone and try new things.

My experience at the Hospital Niño Jesus in Madrid has been amazing because it allowed me to work with children and adolescents with different feeding disorders. I was able to look at a wide range of patients and had the opportunity to work with highly skilled professionals in the area.

I would recommend every student to take the opportunity and have an internship experience prior to searching for a job. Doing an internship adds value to who you are and if you are unsure about your career goals this is the best investment you can make for yourself since it helps you decide what you might want to do next. Furthermore, having professional experience will help you build an excellent resume when you enter into the real world and it will put you ahead of many other students. It enhances your social network, what you know, how you think and how you speak.

The material I learned in SPAN 210 Spanish in the Workplace went hand in hand with the things I was learning in the job, The class has helped me apply my knowledge to the job setting in many aspects, such as using appropriate language in the workplace, adapting and understanding the culture, and coping with daily stressors at work. The professor explained the subject matter of the class clearly and he was very enthusiastic, which made the class enjoyable and compelling. The class has also helped me improve my oral and writing skills in Spanish. Vocabulary lists where handed by the professor each class and journal writing was required. Having the classroom as a complement was perfect because I received feedback from the professor and he helped me reflect on the positive and negative aspects of the work environment, which allowed me to improve my working and learning goals. Valentina Arce. Class of 2015
Major: Psychology
Minor: Business