Please complete the Airport Arrival Pick-Up Form online by the due date. All students are expected to arrive in Madrid’s Barajas Airport between 7:30am and 2pm on the designated arrival date. Students arriving on this date and between these times will be met by Suffolk University Madrid Campus representatives, but only if they have provided their information in advance.

Upon arriving in Madrid, you must go through passport control and then collect your luggage before proceeding through customs. Watch for the “nothing to declare” signs and pass the green-uniformed police agents. Once you enter the arrival hall, you will see people waiting for arriving passengers.

Suffolk University representatives will meet students at Terminals 1 and 4. Look for a blue and gold sign with the school’s name (not your name). Students arriving at Terminal 2 must proceed to Terminal 1 (Llegadas/Arrivals) and look for our campus representatives in front of Sala 1 (Lounge 1).

If your luggage is lost, remain in the baggage claim area, go to the claim counter of your airline near the baggage carousels, and fill out a claim form. The airline will give you a receipt with your claim number. It’s advisable to direct your lost luggage to Suffolk, as there is someone available to receive and sign for it from 9am to 9pm. Make sure the inside and outside of your bags clearly indicate your name (rather than a relative’s). If your lost luggage claim causes a significant delay or you need our help, ask the airline to call our representatives at the airport at 606.432.319.

After collecting your luggage, exit the baggage claim area. Look for the Suffolk University representatives and introduce yourself! We will direct you to the shuttle that will take you to Suffolk.

For students not arriving on group arrival day

If you are arriving earlier, you will need to make your own housing arrangements until the group arrival day. Let us know of your plans so that we can arrange for you to meet up with the group.

If you are arriving later, you must let us know in advance. You must also contact the housing department in advance to arrange alternate plans and ensure access to your housing. Students are strongly encouraged to make all possible efforts to arrive on the specified date so as not to miss the mandatory orientation.