Keith Love, co-headmaster of TechBoston Academy in Dorchester, admits to being protective of his students, yet he willingly entrusts them to Suffolk University.

“Suffolk is a place that genuinely cares about our students and their futures as much as we do,” he says.

Love’s sense of security stems from the two schools’ successful Upward Bound partnership.

“This is a true partnership that continues to evolve and be successful,” he says. “Over the years, we have worked together with a goal of extending the educational journey of our students.”

Suffolk’s Upward Bound program provides college access services to underserved students throughout the year. Many join as ninth graders and continue with the program until they enroll in college.

“In high school, our job is to provide our students with opportunities and choices to better themselves,” says Love. “Suffolk helps us to do that and to prepare them for the next step in furthering their education.”

A record of accomplishment

Love revels in the many Upward Bound success stories, such as that of Paula Dixon, a 2011 TechBoston Academy graduate who is now a senior at Suffolk University.

“Through hard work and determination, Paula was a diamond who found her way out of the rough,” he says. “In the end, she did what she had to do to get to the finish line, and I’m proud of her.”

He was delighted when two Upward Bound alumni who earned their college degrees in 2014 returned as co-commencement speakers for TechBoston Academy’s graduation ceremony.

“As educators, our job is to care for our students,” says Love. “And our students have to care as well; learning is their responsibility.

“They have to see the light at the end of the tunnel and know what they want to be. I tell them all the time that MCAS and the SAT are not their most important tests – life is.”