fall 2014 santiago de compostela galicia

Studying abroad will change your life

If you're too busy to spend a semester or year away, study abroad in the summer! Challenging yourself to study in another country will help you define your place in the world. As you take notes in class, learn your way around Madrid, and make friends with people you might not meet anywhere else, you'll gain greater independence and appreciation for cultures that once seemed "foreign".

Studying abroad looks great on your résumé. Employers are always looking for adaptability, maturity, and a sense of adventure, all of which you'll gain during your studies abroad.

Make the city your classroom

Spain is your extended classroom when you study at Suffolk Madrid. Indeed, we offer a rich array of course-related field trips.

Every moment in Madrid offers new knowledge. Whether you explore Spain's history in the lavish rooms of the Royal Palace or practice speaking Spanish with friends in a café, you will be fully immersed in your studies and in your new city.

Our city is your home

Millions of tourists visit Madrid every year. When you study at Suffolk Madrid, you'll be far more than a tourist. You will get to know your way around the city's landmarks and its distinctive way of life. While Spain might seem like an entirely new land when you first arrive, you'll soon feel at home in this welcoming country.