Originally published in 1788, this text, authored by James Madison, Alexander Hamilton and John Jay was written to encourage the US public to support ratification of the US Constitution. The Federalist Papers have been translated into many languages and are key to understanding the US system of government as originally designed by the Founding Fathers. The current Spanish publisher, Editorial Akal, decided that a new Spanish translation was needed for today's readers. Professor Blanch was commissioned to translate this text, which was recently published.



Professor Daniel Blanch currently teaches Introduction to American Democracy and Politics of Spain at SUMC. His interest in these two countries stems from a lifetime of bridging the two cultures. He spent most of his early years in Spain until attending university in the United States, earning a Ph.D from the University of Denver in 1994. Fostering a better understanding between the US and Spain has led to a variety of chances for Dr. Blanch to be active in both worlds. Prof. Blanch has taught at universities in Spain and the US. He has enjoyed doing values research with students, participating in the Council of Europe, speaking at numerous conferences and translating texts in the fields of government, law, history and sociology. Among the more prominent projects were translations of ‘The Federalist Papers’, and ‘The American Evasion of Philosophy’ by leading US academic Cornel West.

For several years Dr. Blanch has been on the editorial board and contributed to Foro Interno, a journal of political theory at the Complutense University of Madrid. His ongoing interest in democracy has developed through participation in a Spanish research project on ‘Reconstruction of current democratic theory’. His most recent paper, ‘The Choices and Voices of Citizens: Political Participation and Post-Enlightenment Theory’, was presented at the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, Prague last May. Having lived more years in Santiago de Compostela than anywhere else, his favorite tapa is pulpo a feira (octopus!).