Faculty members are invited to submit proposals to lead a study abroad program at one of Suffolk's affiliated universities or at the Suffolk University Madrid Campus.  Faculty-led proposals are reviewed for an entire calendar year. Proposals for any faculty-led programs in 2018-2019 must be submitted by May 25th of each academic year (i.e. for AY18/19 the proposals are due no later than May 25th, 2018).


  • Proposal Steps

    Application Process

    1. Submit an intake form for your proposed course.
    2. Meet with Hillary Sabbagh, in the Center for International Programs and Services (CIPS), to provide more details on your proposed course.
    3. Send the completed proposal to CIPS, the Provost’s Office, and your Department Chair or Dean.
    4. Receive feedback on your proposal.
    5. Create a program budget, along with CIPS and the budget office, and submit the budget, along with your final proposal, to the appropriate offices.

    Post Decision

    1. If approved, a timeline and action plan will be discussed with CIPS.
    2. If denied, a reason for the denial will be provided.
  • Proposal Components

    1. Complete the Faculty-led, Short-term Study Abroad Program intake form.
    2. Complete an itinerary including the following details:
      1. Destinations and dates of travel co-curricular
      2. Suffolk University-sponsored field trips
      3. Site visits and cultural activities
      4. Free time
      5. Modes of transportation 

    Please use this template when creating your itinerary: blank_itinerary_template.xlsx

    View a sample itinerary here: SampleItinerary.pdf


  • Proposal Planning

    There are some important considerations in planning your faculty-led study abroad program:

    Planning time frame

    • Study abroad program preparation is a lengthy process and can take approximately 1 year to implement.
    • Communicate your intention about developing a program early on to your department chair, and the Center for International Programs and Services (CIPS) so they can assess the financial and academic feasibility.


    • Determine who is eligible to take the program. Only Suffolk students? Both undergraduate and graduate students? Students from other institutions?
    • Please note that at the present time Suffolk alumni must register and pay full tuition and travel fees to take part in any faculty-led study abroad program.

    Determine the type of program to be offered

    • Solely offered by Suffolk faculty, e.g. program with Palazzo Ruccellai.
    • Taught in conjunction with host institution faculty, e.g. SACI.
    • Offered in conjunction with another Suffolk faculty-led program and a host institution, e.g. Charles University in Prague.

    Define the goals of your program

    • What is the rationale for traveling to this specific country?
    • What are the expected learning outcomes?
  • Successful Proposals

    Components of a Successful Proposal:

    1. A study abroad experience should give students the opportunity to interact with the people and culture in the study-abroad locale, over and above the required contact and involved hours.
    2. In any study abroad experience, academic content should be adapted to the locale, including meaningful exploration of and relationship to the culture visited.  To this end, any student involved in a long-term study abroad experience should take a course which directly addresses the nature, characteristics, and structure of the local culture.  Shorter-term study abroad experiences should make cultural study available to students on a proportionate basis.
    3. The study-abroad experience should also contain significant and appropriate pre-departure orientation/preparation components.
    4. A personal and academic reintegration process between the student and the study-abroad instructor, academic advisor, and/or departmental liaison should also be designed to maximize the benefits gained by the overseas experience.


  • Helpful Forms

    1. Intake Form
    2. Budget Template: travel_budget.xlsx
    3. Itinerary Template: blank_itinerary_template.xlsx