During my stay in Spain, I fulfilled an internship working in three different departments: Human Resources, Training, and Administration for Kleison. Kleinson is a language consultancy company, which provides services to companies that want to improve their language level. They offer in-company, online and telephone classes to their clients and work with well-known brands such as Heineken, Nivea, Marionnaud, Spotify, Samsung.

At the beginning, I was worried that I would not be able to adapt to an all-Spanish environment and that my Spanish level was not adequate enough to hold an internship. However, having this internship and taking the class “Spanish in the Workplace” worked amazingly well together. I am grateful to have had professor Cabañas by my side all along; he really helped me, and it was an amazing experience having him has a mentor. I not only learned about myself, but also about the workplace in general. He stimulated my mind with his different assignments that I could use later and apply to my internship.

With this internship, I finally got the chance to relate school material to real life. I am grateful to have been able to work in three separate departments because I took away different aspects from each one of them. I know that this will be useful to me in the future when I will want to establish my own company.

This internship was truly an amazing journey and provided me with the experience of a lifetime. The most valuable lesson from my supervisor was that often in life we do not get to do what we truly love, however, we always need to work to the best of our abilities and give our 200% to reach where we truly want to be. I am grateful to have completed this internship through Suffolk because it allowed me to not only work with people from another culture, but also learn how to navigate through it and have an open mind.