Suffolk University has partnered with the Education Advisory Board (EAB) to implement the Student Success Collaborative (SSC), a powerful set of data-driven tools to guide Suffolk University advisors, faculty, and student support staff in academic and career advising. The goal of this implementation is to improve retention and graduation rates.

The SSC turns transactional information into actionable insight, incorporating data and predictive analytics with Suffolk’s existing advising tools, giving advisors, faculty, and support staff a real-time window into which students need intervention, helping them identify and address student issues quickly and effectively.

The SSC system:

  • Combines technology, consulting, and best practice research to help colleges and universities use data to improve retention and graduation rates
  • Utilizes a proprietary predictive model that identifies at-risk students and works as an analytics engine that identifies and isolates systemic barriers to degree completion
  • Uses historical data to generate accurate and actionable risk assessments for each student

Advisors, faculty and other staff see at a glance which students are in need of intervention, and have a broad set of communication tools to help them transform insight into action – and outcomes, including:

  • Institutional reports
  • 360-degree student view
  • Advanced filtering
  • Major guidance
  • Career guidance
  • Comprehensive case management
  • Usage and effectiveness tracking