In order to be eligible to receive a bachelor’s degree from the University, a student must:

  • Earn at least 126 semester hours in the College of Arts & Sciences; 124 semester hours in the Sawyer Business School; or 124 semester hours in the New England School of Art and Design
  • Achieve not less than a 2.0 cumulative grade point average and earn a minimum 2.0 grade point average or higher in the major
  • Achieve a minimum 2.0 grade point average or higher in the minor, if applicable
  • Meet all the academic requirements for his/her particular degree (eight years is the normal limit for completion of a part-time or an interrupted degree program)
  • Complete a minimum of 45 semester hours at Suffolk
  • Complete major residency requirement
  • Complete minor residency requirement, if applicable
  • Complete the final 30 semester hours at Suffolk
  • Complete at least 30 semester hours of business coursework at Suffolk (Sawyer Business School students only)
  • Complete at least 60 semester hours of coursework at Suffolk in order to be considered for scholastic honors

Students are required to submit an application for degree to the Registrar’s Office by the published deadline. It is expected that all obligations to the University, both academic and financial, will be completed at the close of that semester. Failure to comply with this requirement will delay graduation and participation in commencement to some future time.

In addition to those students who have completed in quality and quantity the requirements for their respective degrees, students may participate in commencement if they have officially applied as a September candidate, are enrolled in their remaining requirements in the subsequent summer sessions, have satisfied all other degree requirements, and have fulfilled all financial obligations to the University.

September degree candidates petitioning to participate in the May commencement ceremony must apply and be enrolled in all outstanding requirements in the subsequent summer sessions by the dates established by the Office of the Registrar. Approval of the petition is contingent upon satisfying the conditions listed above.

Major & Minor:

Students may file a petition for a major or minor requirement substitution with their academic advisor and major department chair. The academic department chair and appropriate Dean's Office must approve major and minor requirement substitutions.

Core & Degree Requirement:

Students may file a petition for core and/or Degree requirement substitutions and waivers only with the appropriate Dean's Office for their degree.

Suffolk University diplomas diplomas include the degree and appropriate graduation honors awarded. A diploma does not include student major, minor or concentration. Suffolk University transcripts include information related to the student's identity and academic history at the university including major, minor and concentration.