Scholarly Writing Circles

Scholarly Writing Circles (SWCs) are groups of three to four faculty members who agree to be accountable to one another for a semester as they work on their writing and research goals.

SWCs can check in with one another via email, face-to-face meetings, phone calls, or other forms of communication to encourage one another, troubleshoot writing issues, or ask for feedback.

To participate in an SWC fill out an application

The CTSE staff will match you with a group of scholars from across the institution and offer encouragement throughout the semester via a monthly email of news, tips, and events related to research and scholarly writing. SWC members are encouraged to attend the SWC Kick-Off Meeting. Check our events calendar for the next SWC Kick-Off Meeting.

SWCs are encouraged to post their research and writing progress, and to set monthly goals, on CTSE’s Scholarly Writing Accountability Shared Document:

SWC’s will replace the CTSE weekly writing group meetings.

For more information about SWCs or to ask any questions, contact us.