Students registered in a program of study are expected to be enrolled continuously until the completion of the degree. A student previously enrolled in a Suffolk University graduate degree program who has not been officially enrolled for two or more semesters (fall/spring), or who did not comply with the terms of an approved leave of absence, must apply for re-admission. Previous admission to a graduate program does not guarantee automatic re-entry back into that program. Students who have attended universities elsewhere since their last attendance at Suffolk University must submit official transcripts of that study at the time of application for re-entry.

You must meet the following criteria to be eligible for re-entry:

  • A minimum grade-point average of 3.0 in all graduate-level courses completed at Suffolk University
  • No "Incomplete" grades in all graduate-level courses completed at Suffolk University
  • No outstanding financial balance with Suffolk University's Office of the Bursar
  • For the Sawyer Business School, application and admission requirements will vary by length of time since your last enrollment. If you have not been enrolled within the past seven years, please see below.

If there are discrepancies regarding any of the above criteria, the student must (a) complete the re-entry online application and then (b) contact one of the following, as appropriate:

  • For programs in the College of Arts & Sciences, contact the specific program director.
  • For the Sawyer Business School, contact Dean Michael Behnam, 617.573.8088.
    • Please note that students who were last enrolled seven or more years ago must completely re-apply. This includes submission of a new online application, valid test scores (if applicable), and all other required credentials. Please see the application requirements for more information.
  • Any student with outstanding charges should contact the Bursar, 617.573.8047.

The University will readmit service members to their educational programs if they are temporarily unable to attend classes or suspend their studies due to service requirements.