International Student Employment Funding

International students at Suffolk may be eligible for student employment funding, or for merit based employment programs. Those eligible for awards are welcome to contact the supervisors listed on the Student Employment Job List to apply for openings. Do not contact the supervisor if you have not already been awarded student employment funding.

Connect with the Office of Student Financial Services for available opportunities. 

Supervisors must confirm that the international student they wish to hire has employment funding before offering a position. Students can verify their employment awards by obtaining an Employment Authorization from the Office of Student Financial Services. If a student or their supervisor has questions on funding availability, they should contact The Office of Student Financial Services.

New International Students (students who have never been on the Suffolk payroll) will be required to submit the following documentation:

  1. Employment Authorization - available at the Office of Student Financial Services
  2. Foreign National Form (front and back)
  3. Electronic I-9
  4. Direct Deposit Form
  5. 1-20 (pages 1 +3)
  6. I-94
  7. Visa
  8. Passport
  9. Social Security Card (find out how to obtain a Social Security card [PDF])

Returning International Students only need to complete an Employment Authorization. This form is available at the Office of Student Financial Services. It indicates the type of funding and amount that a student is eligible to receive. If a student has multiple positions, a separate authorization is required for each job.