Learn about what makes Suffolk University special from the people who know best: Suffolk students.

Rayan Aljelaly
Saudi Arabia

“In the beginning, I was very excited to come to another city, to live there alone. It was a bit scary, but after that, I got used to it and it was fun.”

Yasir Batalvi

“Studying in the heart of Boston has given me opportunities I wouldn't have found anywhere else.”

Brittania Moodie

“With such a diverse student body and faculty, I can assure you that there is something or someone here that welcomes you for who you are.”

Enuamaka Mkparu

“My time at Suffolk has shaped me into the individual I had hoped to become—an individual who would make my family proud.”





Andrea M. Gonzalez

Andrea M. Gonzalez
Costa Rica

"Suffolk gave me not just a quality higher education, but also the experience of the city and all the career opportunities it has to offer."