Mandy Petrillo JD ’06 graduated from Suffolk Law School ready to work. But as we know, a degree alone doesn’t guarantee you a job. That’s when the other skills Petrillo learned at Suffolk came in handy: how to network, network, network.

She began using that strategy while still a Suffolk student. Her Law Practice Management professor tasked the class with conducting an informational interview for the job each student wanted. Through a connection, Petrillo interviewed a Boston Red Sox lawyer, with whom she kept in frequent touch in the years that followed. Five years later, when she was working in real estate law and the Red Sox were looking for an experienced lawyer, Petrillo used her connections to land the job.

Petrillo learned to network at Suffolk Law, a skill that has paid off in her career—she has since become the team's senior manager of legal operations. But she hasn’t lost sight of the quality education she earned at the school.

“Suffolk was perfect for me and I use my Suffolk education everyday,” says Petrillo, whose job tasks include managing the legal department not only for the Red Sox, but the other subsidiaries of Fenway Sports Group (Fenway Park, Liverpool Football Club, Anfield football stadium, Roush Fenway Racing, New England Sports Network, and Fenway Sports Management). She often drafts contracts for everything from sponsorship agreements, to weddings and other special events, to corporate contracts. Pretty much everything except player contracts.

“I very purposely came to work in this industry, and my job is constantly challenging, hardly mundane,” Petrillo says. Her goal is to grow within the organization, maybe become executive vice president of legal operations. You would want that, too, if America’s Most Beloved Ballpark was your office building. As Petrillo says, “It’s cool. Period.”