Stacey Farrell BS ’92 had a lifelong passion for sports, so when it came time to get an internship during her sophomore year at Suffolk, she was naturally drawn to a location just steps from Suffolk’s campus—the legendary Boston Garden.

“I just came down and kind of cold-called the Bruins,” Farrell says of her experience. “They didn’t have any interns at the time and were building a new arena. I worked as a marketing intern to ‘pre-sell’ the new building.”

The Bruins hired Farrell as a part-time employee her junior and senior years, and she stayed on for a few years after graduation. In that time, she set her sights on one particular position, director of corporate partnerships. It’s a job that involves communicating with and managing organizations that pay to advertise on anything and everything in the Garden, from the rink boards, to concessions and vending, and more. The route she took to earning her dream position, however, was a circuitous one. And it involved a leap of faith.

“I actually had to leave a couple of times, take a chance, get some training to get the job I wanted,” she says. To earn sales experience, she sold pharmaceuticals. One year leading up to the Boston Marathon, she sold corporate partnerships for the Boston Athletic Association. After each stop, she returned to the Bruins in a higher position with more experience in hand.

Three jobs and an unconventional journey later, Farrell is now director of corporate partnerships for the Boston Bruins and that “new” building, TD Garden.