Pursuing his MBA part-time, Christopher West learned to think globally, lead with action and strategize effectively.

The significance of the Sawyer School’s Global Focus comes into focus daily for Christopher A. West. As the Manager of Product Strategy with the Massachusetts Convention Center Authority, West’s work impacts tens of thousands of business travelers who come to the Commonwealth from around the world.

A principle he gleaned at Suffolk – that the solutions to problems may not always be right outside of your front door – hit home with West while representing his organization in 2012 at an industry conference in Brussels, Belgium.

“I was taken aback when learning that many of the challenges that international facilities face are similar to what we see here in Boston,” says West, who earned his MBA in 2011 after taking classes part-time. “It was a great feeling to build camaraderie with industry peers through information sharing of best practices and solutions to familiar challenges. The Suffolk Global Focus gave me a much broader understanding of the limitless opportunities that exist in the world of business.”

West’s degree emphasis was in Strategic Management, and he chose to focus his capstone research on the MCCA’s strategic plan. At the time, the project allowed West to better understand his organization and the industry as a whole. Recently, West accepted a seat on the MCCA’s newly formed Strategy and Product Development team, where he applies his research for the betterment of his organization. He says that to a large degree, his current professional victories are a testament to the tremendous preparation he received at the Sawyer School.

“Though there is only so much that you can learn in a classroom, I have not come across anything in my profession that I did not get exposed to while pursuing my Suffolk degree,” he says.