With a foundation from Suffolk, this alumnus has risen to great heights at a top private equity firm.

Like the rest of us, companies need a hand from time to time. Maybe they’re underperforming. Maybe business has become stagnant. Or, in some cases, perhaps they’re in decline, have accumulated debt and are at risk of bankruptcy.

This is where Daniel Florian BSBA ’01 and Sun Capital Partners come in. Sun Capital, a private equity firm, specializes in assisting companies that haven’t met the expectations of their customers or shareholders – even acquiring underperforming companies in leveraged buyouts. Florian, a vice president at Sun, says he loves that every day is different from the day before.

“Every company I acquire is different and has different dynamics,” says Florian, who resides in Boca Raton, Fla. “Some days, I’m learning about a new industry. Other days I’m trying to help companies we already own improve performance.”

Florian’s foundation in accounting from Suffolk serves him well in diving into the sometimes sticky financials of Sun’s portfolio companies. He says it taking a class with Accounting Chair and Professor Lew Shaw – who Florian says became his personal mentor – that convinced the undergraduate to change his major from finance to accounting. He sought extracurricular opportunities at Suffolk as well, becoming president of both the Beta Alpha Psi fraternity and the basketball team. Upon graduation, he had a job lined up in his industry – an industry in which he was prepared to thrive.

“I was prepared as well, if not better, than my peers from other schools like Boston College, Boston University and Bentley,” he says. “I knew my trade, accounting, as well as anyone and was probably more well-rounded because of the other things I was able to experience at Suffolk.”