For job-seekers young or old, the odds of landing a position with a franchise as esteemed as the Boston Celtics might only be slightly better than winning the lottery.

“A lot of leagues and teams hire from within,” says Catherine McCabe, marketing department chair. Often, that means interns. It’s a lesson Gina Tauro, BSBA ’12, took to heart.

Each spring, the 16 seats in Professor McCabe’s Sports Marketing Consulting course are some of the most highly coveted at the Sawyer Business School, thanks to a semester-long consulting project in which students work directly with the Celtics’ front office staff. Gina scored a spot in the class and soon saw her opening.

“After one of our weekly meetings, I asked my now-boss about intern opportunities within the organization,” she says. “I landed an interview and became a game-night hospitality intern.”

In that role, Gina hosted corporate partner groups at every home game and assisted with community events. When the basketball season ended, she graduated from Suffolk and spent the summer in Boston, working part-time jobs hosting premium groups for the Boston Red Sox and renting apartments in Boston for a real estate firm. She also kept in touch with her internship supervisor with the Celtics. Later that year, her effort paid off when she got a call about an open position with the Celtics.

“I feel privileged to tell people I work for the Celtics,” Gina says. “On the other hand, not everyone realizes how many hours we have to put in to earn these privileges. Sometimes, it’s around 70 hours per week! I have to say, the sports industry is not for everyone. It definitely takes someone who is very hardworking and willing to work long and flexible hours.”

In the end, it wasn’t luck of the Irish that landed Gina a full-time job as a corporate partnerships activation assistant with the Celtics. Rather, she created her own luck.