As an administrator for five divisions at Tufts Medical Center, Ashish Buttan has a busy schedule.

Each day starts with a leadership huddle, where he meets with clinical supervisors and staff to ensure that the day-to-day operations are off to a smooth start. Later, he oversees strategy and business development meetings for at least one of his five divisions. And throughout the day, he meets with finance and account managers, outpatient supervisors, executives, and clinical leadership. From billing and budgeting to new programs and service lines, he has to be prepared to handle any issues or bottlenecks that pop up.

Buttan’s career at Tufts started with an internship in 2011, while he was a full-time MBA/Health student at Suffolk. His courses prepared him to take on new responsibilities, and he was offered a part-time position at the end of his internship.

“Suffolk’s MBA/Health program is one of the more comprehensive healthcare programs offered in Boston,” he said, noting that Suffolk requires nine healthcare courses, compared to three or four in similar programs at other universities. “This makes the MBA/Health program at Suffolk a more detailed and enriching experience,” he said.

After graduating in 2012, he was promoted to business operations manager of the gastroenterology division.

“Since then, my role has grown significantly. Today, I serve as the Division Administrator for multiple divisions, including the Division of Gastroenterology and Hepatology, the Endoscopy Unit, the Division of Rheumatology, the Division of Allergy, and the Division of Nutrition,” Buttan said. He also serves as the coordinator for the internships in which Suffolk MHA and MBA/Health students work each summer.

The strategy and information technology courses he took at Suffolk continue to help him today.

“The resources and support made available to me at Suffolk when I was a student, and even now, have helped me greatly,” he said. At Tufts, he is able to apply the industry knowledge and the analytical and management skills he gained at Suffolk.

Buttan advises other recent MBA graduates to follow their dreams, but also to stay willing to explore opportunities outside their industry or area of focus. And always capitalize on the opportunity to network.

“Suffolk provides a lot of opportunities to develop and grow your network, which is of the utmost importance to land a suitable job post-graduation from a master’s program,” he said.

Buttan cites great courses, student diversity, resourceful professors, and an evolving, up-to-date curriculum as the highlights of his time in the MBA/Health program.

“The Suffolk brand name can get you places,” he adds.