Whether you choose to donate your time or provide a gift, you’re helping today’s students become tomorrow’s business leaders. Find out how you can make a difference.

  • Become a Mentor

    Share your workplace experience and help our students define and achieve their career goals. Mentors are typically matched with students based on shared areas of interest and expertise. During the academic year, you’ll periodically meet with your mentee in person and stay in touch by phone, email, and/or text messaging.

    For many students, the mentor relationship represents the onset of a lifelong career. 

    • Thomas Tinlin, MPA '10, the commissioner of transportation for the City of Boston, opens career opportunities for MPA student.
    • Michael Felicetta, MHA '11, clinical practice manager at Harvard Vanguard, helps student enter a new field. [Read More]

    Several programs, including the Master of Healthcare Administration, Master of Public Administration, Executive MBA, and MS in Finance, offer mentoring opportunities. To get involved, contact the program director in your field.

  • Offer Internships

    Work with some of our brightest, most career-driven students who are seeking real-life experiences. We carefully match students with positions based on their career goals, interests, and strengths.

    For recent alumna Alyson Reitano, an internship offered her the chance to explore her two greatest interests—marketing and global business. As an intern for the United Nations Association of Greater Boston (UNA-GB), Reitano worked in the communications department, where she managed their social media sites and wrote blogs. Many of our interns do so well, they transition into full-time employees after graduation.

    Contact the Career Development Center if you have an internship opportunity for a student or would like help creating one.


  • Host a Site Visit

    The Sawyer Business School is all about practical, real-world experience. To help undergraduate and graduate students build career-relevant skills, alumni often host site visits at their organizations. 

    For instance, MBA and Executive MBA students often participate in flash consulting experiences on site, where they help solve actual business challenges for your organization. To learn more, contact the department chair or program director in your field.

  • Recruit Students

    From day one, our students are eager to advance their careers. They are ambitious and seek internships, part-time jobs, and club activities to enrich their education. They graduate ready to take on the world.

    DiningIn.com is just one of many businesses that has partnered with the Sawyer Business School. In March 2012, they hired nine alumni and students, and they plan to continue recruiting efforts in the future. 

    There are many ways to recruit our talented students and soon-to-be graduates. Contact the Career Development Center to and learn how to post career opportunities online, host information sessions on campus, attend a job fair, and more. 

  • Become a Guest Speaker or Adjunct Lecturer

    Nothing beats your first-hand experience. Your expertise is invaluable to our students. It extends classroom learning beyond theory and textbooks. Share your industry knowledge with us—either in the classroom or at an on-campus event.

    Suffolk's undergraduate and graduate programs offer guest lecturing and adjunct faculty opportunities. Contact the Alumni Office for more information.


  • Join an Advisory Board

    Academic advisory boards help shape the Sawyer Business School's programs, promoting innovative curriculum that keeps pace with rapid changes in global business. Several academic departments and programs have advisory boards. 

    To get involved, contact the Executive MBA, Accounting, Finance, Healthcare Administration, Information Systems and Operations Management, Management and Entrepreneurship, or Marketing department. 

  • Make a Gift

    Add value to your own degree by investing in Suffolk's future. Today's students share the same ambition and drive as our global alumni network. Their continued success depends greatly on the generosity of alumni like you.

    Your gift helps us recruit and retain the strongest students and faculty, improve our campus facilities and services, and enrich our academic programs. It also helps us keep tuition costs down, while offering financial aid to deserving students. Investing in Suffolk’s future adds value your own degree.