She was in the Navy for nine years. She’s a wife and mother of three. And she worked (full time) at MassDOT while attending (full time) the Sawyer Business School to earn two degrees simultaneously: a Master of Science in Business Administration and a Master of Science in Accounting

Yet with all that drive and focus, the biggest thing Dell Lindsey MBA ’16, MSA ’16, got from her time at Suffolk was something you’d think she already had: confidence. “I learned the ability to promote my best self and embrace my god-given talents,” Lindsey said.

As one of 11 children and the only one of her family to graduate high school—let alone college or graduate school—Dell has always made her own future. “I’ve worked hard,” she says simply.

But through her professors and classes, as well as events like Meet the Firms night for accounting students, Lindsey discovered a self-assurance she didn’t know was missing.

“Suffolk provided this platform and pushed me to learn how to network,” she says. “I learned how to get in touch with people who could help me make a difference and help me pursue my vision. It gave me the confidence to say I’m as good as anyone else.”

Using both her degrees

After graduation, she went to a big accounting firm, but soon realized that she wasn’t using both her degrees. So she made a move to the Department of Housing and Community Development for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. There, she’s a management analyst, handling state and federal grants for numerous state agencies.

“This new job isn’t just doing accounting,” she said. “It’s also about understanding policies and doing research, and that uses the business aspect of my degrees as well.”

Now that she’s got the degrees, the job—and the confidence—what’s next for this former Navy culinary specialist and gunner’s mate? She’s thinking about going for a PhD and becoming an adjunct professor.

“Suffolk matured me in a way the military couldn’t, that my family didn’t,” Lindsey said. “I got it there.”