As a 25-year-old journalism major working in the Massachusetts State House, Gina Phipps, MBA '00, enrolled in the Suffolk MBA program so she could get a good first job.

But, she admits now, she didn’t realize how helpful the program would be throughout her career.

“The MBA is a really well-rounded program. But I didn’t realize that some of what I was taking would be relevant to me later on. For example, back then I never thought about international business, but it opened my eyes to how companies work overseas. And it ties directly into my new job doing global commercial contracts.”

In fact, her MBA experience has supported her all along, at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Genzyme, Biogen and now Shire Pharmaceuticals.

“The fact you have to take classes that aren’t directly relevant to what you’re doing is important,” Phipps says. “I was exposed to other areas of business that I might not have considered or understood or realized they’d be relevant for me going forward. At some point in your career you’re going to touch on them and you want to be knowledgeable.”