Cohort Structure

Your Executive MBA cohort becomes a lifelong professional network.

As you move through the curriculum in your cohort group, this structure promotes your personal development within a team-centric environment.

The cohort also helps you take advantage of the variety of backgrounds and distinct experiences your classmates bring to the program, and provides excellent networking opportunities.

What Alumni are Saying

“The value of the cohort based program cannot be overemphasized. Even since graduation, I have remained extremely close with my Suffolk EMBA cohort, bouncing ideas off them regularly. More than 'networking,' they are a lifelong group of business colleagues and friends from a variety of businesses and backgrounds whose opinion and expertise I trust both personally and professionally.” – Wayne Bishop Jr. (EMBA ‘07), Marketing Manager, OMICRON Electronics

“My Executive MBA classmates came from all areas of business and offered diverse perspectives. Even now, though I am 9,000 miles away from Boston, we remain in close contact with each other and the Executive MBA faculty. I've created a life-long professional network.” – Adam D. Bateman (EMBA ‘99), Head of Product and Business Development Financial Asset Services, Standard Bank of South Africa