Rachel Mosesso, BSBA in Information Systems, ’13

It took a while for her to get there, but senior Rachel Mosesso is at home at Suffolk.

For senior Rachel Mosesso, the path to majoring in Information Systems at Suffolk University was a windy one. Having enjoyed her math and science classes in high school, the Foxboro native first pursued a doctorate of pharmacy degree at a school in-state. Realizing quickly that it wasn’t the right fit, Mosesso applied to several schools, including Suffolk, with the intent to transfer.

Accepted everywhere she applied, Mosesso chose Suffolk – a decision she calls “the best she ever made.”

She started out as a management major, but Mosesso says she “fell in love with technology again” after taking a couple information systems classes. From that point, she “never looked back,” and will graduate this December with her bachelor’s degree.

“The faculty, especially in the ISOM Department, are exceptional,” says Mosesso, who currently serves interns at Boston Private Bank & Trust in its Information Security department, a focus she says she’d like to maintain upon graduation. “The ISOM classes that are offered are current; the information and skills that you learn in class, directly apply to what you will be doing out in the workforce.”

But Mosesso, who serves as President of the Information Systems Club and Public Relations Officer for the Suffolk University Management Association, has also found a close-knit group of friends among her fellow majors – a group she calls “the crew” – that supports each other academically and socially.

“We all do homework together, work on projects together, offer each other feedback on a project or assignment we are doing, and we even go out together,” she says. “I have organized several outings to take our academic relationships out of the classroom to a personal level.”