Suffolk alumnus Casey Glynn has an idea so big that it could change the world.

Two years ago, during Glynn’s junior year as an environmental engineering major, he had his “aha moment.”

With a deep-rooted passion for environmental sustainability, Glynn came up with the idea for a carbon dioxide emission converter for vehicles. Similar to a catalytic converter, he says his product can remove 50-80 percent of carbon dioxide from automobiles.

Student Finds Mentor in Faculty Member

With a big idea and the ambition to back it up, Glynn was eager to get the ball rolling. He just needed help getting started.

So he met with innovator and Sawyer Business School Executive in Residence Sushil Bhatia for advice. Bhatia, an experienced patent holder for big-name products like Glue Stic, mentors budding entrepreneurs with business ideas.

“Professor Bhatia helped me refine my idea and encouraged me to take it further,” Glynn said.

Bhatia thought he’d be the perfect contender for the 2012 annual New Product Innovation Competition (now called the Dr. Sushil Bhatia Competition for Innovative Ideas), where innovators pitch their product ideas to win up to $50,000 in cash and services.

Competition Jumpstarts Product Development

As Glynn worked on his proposal for the competition, he realized that sustainability was an issue for his competitors. Other products that work similarly to his only lasted about six miles. Glynn hopes his product will last for about five years. He also expects his converter to lower the cost of gas for users from about $4 to $1.

The judges were excited about Glynn’s idea. In April, they awarded him $3,000 in cash and $9,000 in services to develop his product.

“Winning the competition gives me the funding and credibility to go further with the project. It’s validating and encouraging to know that other people think that this is a good idea too,” Glynn said.

What’s Next?

Glynn used his prize money to develop a full-scale prototype and is currently working with a venture capital company.

He’s also partnered with another Suffolk marketing alumnus, Arron Delman. The two have formed the company E.C. Phoenix, and Delman is handling the company’s finances.

Glynn hopes to bring his product to the market in 5-7 years.