Fostering Leadership in BPD

In March, the Institute for Public Service and the Management and Entrepreneurship Department launched a new leadership course for BPD executive-level leaders.

The class offers participants a chance to step back from their daily operational activities and build critical leadership skills in a public safety and community policing context.

“As BPD managers move to leadership positions, they are asked to stretch themselves and their thinking in a way that is not typically covered in traditional police and criminal justice training programs. Their positions and the community are increasingly complex, thus they must have a variety of knowledge, skills and abilities to take on the challenges within the organization and community,” said Associate Professor of Public Service Brenda Bond, who’s co-leading the course with Jodi Detjen, an instructor of Management and Entrepreneurship

An important distinction for the BPD is that the course is based within the Sawyer Business School. The curriculum is unique because it centers on leadership and how to run an enterprise rather than criminal justice.

Our pilot class, made up of eight students, will wrap up later this month.

Building a Lasting Partnership

Bond spearheaded the Business School’s partnership with the BPD in 2010. She’s an expert in public safety policy and has worked with Boston Police Commission Edward Davis for several years. Through her research, she helps organizations improve their processes and reorganize their facilities.

Bond characterizes the relationship between the Business School and the BPD as a model for improving the business of policing.

“This partnership makes sense given Commissioner Davis’ interest in effectively managing the organization and public safety services, and the Business School’s mission to prepare successful leaders in global business and public service,” she said.

Last year, as part of the collaboration, the Moakley Center for Public Management launched the Public Safety Leadership and Management Certificate Program for front-line and mid-level BPD managers. The nine-month-long program included five courses at Suffolk, which were offered as full-day sessions.