For the last six months, three entrepreneurship students—Trevor Young, Eric Hollenberg, and Joel Edwards—have spent nearly every day together building their business: Boston Uncharted.

Their company develops maps of Boston’s most popular neighborhoods, such as the North End and Beacon Hill. The maps provide interesting history facts and exclusive deals to local retailers and restaurants. Printed on Tyvek material, the maps are rip proof, water proof, and wrinkle proof.

Suffolk Offers a Helping Hand

How did they get the ball rolling so quickly? They took advantage of Suffolk’s resources.

“This business would still be an idea without Suffolk,” said Young.

They worked with nine Suffolk interns who are studying anything from finance, graphic design, and history to journalism and entrepreneurship. One intern in particular, graphic design major Shubha Roy, was instrumental in moving the product forward.

“She worked with us almost every day—modeling and tweaking the maps. She was a valuable asset and prime example of what students can achieve when they put their mind and energy into something,” Young said.

Young and his team also collaborated with students in Professor George Moker’s Financial and Legal Startup course.

“The school has been there every step of the way. We’re working with faculty to have the Beacon Hill Edition be distributed to incoming and touring students. We want students, their parents, and the city of Boston to recognize that Suffolk has the resources and intellect to create a product that required an interdisciplinary effort,” Young said.

Stepping up Their Game

The most important lesson they’ve learned along the way—face your challenges head on.

“Every situation is a learning experience. You can’t succeed without failing, recognizing why, and making improvements,” said Young.

They hit their first road block when the North End Chamber of Commerce proposed extreme changes to drive down the cost of the map.

“We had to stand our ground and decline their offer. We didn’t slow down. Instead, we moved forward by pitching to independent businesses. This taught us to stay strong and persistent,” Young said.

Persistence Leads to Success

And all that hard work is paying off.

Boston Uncharted is printing 5,000 maps for the North End and Beacon Hill. And now they’re pitching their product to local businesses.

As the president of sales and chief of technology, Edwards is leading the charge in finding new opportunities and connections. “Without Joel, the business would still be a big idea rather than a tangible product,” said Young.

Young is the president and creative director. He oversees the daily operations, works with the graphic designers, and handles the legal issues.

Hollenberg is the CEO and brainchild behind the business. “He’s the ideas man, the motivator, and problem solver. This business is his baby, and he’ll do anything to see it live,” Young said.

Boston Uncharted is Just the Beginning

They have big plans for the future. The three plan to expand their product into other major cities, including Chicago; Washington, DC; and Philadelphia.

They’re also developing an interactive app that will suggest retailers, restaurants, and entertainment for different target audiences.