The competition is open to all Suffolk University students and alumni. And two of the award categories—the Green Product Award and the Frugal Innovation Award —are open to the public.

Winners Get the Support They Need to Launch Their Products

Just look at Dee Dee Fici, BS ’72, laboratory manager at BioSciences Research Associates Inc. She used her prize money to transform her idea into three commercial products: Vialtrieve®, Vialmax®, and Vial Touch. These magnetic devices are used to safely retrieve cryogenic specimens in liquid nitrogen storage tanks.

Since winning the competition, she’s secured a Licensing Agreement and she introduced the products to the market last summer at the BioInternational Conference and the American Association of Blood Banks Meeting at the Exhibition Center in Boston.

“I couldn’t have done it without the support I received during and after the competition. I worked very closely with Professors Sushil Bhatia and Steve Golden, who guided me through the process of developing a new product. Their mentorship made all the difference,” Fici said.

MBA/GDPA student Geert Kinthaert won $2,500 in cash and $7,500 in services to execute his new product idea: Shellfish Curtains. Made of industrial netting material, his Shellfish Curtains serve as oyster beds in deep water.

Since winning, Kinthaert has been working with Inventionland to develop a working prototype. And now he’s shopping his product to various fishing-gear companies.

“The competition gave me a head start. It forced me to think strategically about my idea and how it would compete in the marketplace.”

Suffolk alumnus Casey Glynn also speaks highly of the competition. He won $3,000 in cash and $9,000 in services to develop a carbon dioxide emission converter for vehicles.

That prize money came in handy when he was creating a full-scale prototype. Today he’s working with a venture capital company, and he’s also partnered with Suffolk marketing alumnus Arron Delman to form the company E.C. Phoenix. Glynn hopes to bring his product to the market in 5-7 years.

“Winning the competition gives me the funding and credibility to go further with the project. It’s validating and encouraging to know that other people think that this is a good idea too,” Glynn said.

Need Help Refining your Idea? Come to Innovation Hour

If you’d like feedback on your new product idea, the competition founder and Executive in Residence Sushil Bhatia is here to help you. Bhatia is an experienced innovator and patent holder for big-name products like Glue Stic.

He hosts Innovation Hour twice a week in his office. These one-on-one mentorship sessions will help you increase your product’s competitive advantage, while providing compelling benefits for the consumer.

The sessions are open to all Suffolk students and alumni who have entered the competition.

  • Tuesdays: 1-2pm in 73 Tremont, Room 7010
  • Thursdays: 1-2pm in 73 Tremont, Room 7010

For more information, contact Bhatia at