Assistant Professor Dominic Thomas, who’s working with an international team of collaborators, was recently awarded a $3 million grant to create and deploy new technologies for disease surveillance and response.

Thomas, who teaches courses on information systems and project management, received the grant from the Skoll Foundation Global Threats Fund.

With the grant funding, Thomas is developing new disease surveillance technologies with various organizations, including HealthMap at Harvard Medical School and ProMED. He is the systems architect and a technical lead for the project.

Thomas developed the grant proposal, “Enhancing the Detection and Validation of Emerging Disease Outbreaks,” while working as a consultant for TEPHINET (Training Programs in Epidemiology and Health Interventions Network), a professional network of 55 field epidemiology training programs around the world.

As part of the grant, Thomas also helped run the 2nd International Conference on Digital Disease Detection last month in San Francisco. The conference connected innovators in health and technology to explore technologies that could help with disease surveillance methods.