Learning isn’t only done inside the classroom. At Suffolk, students can immerse themselves in real-life trading situations and gain hands-on experiences from the various courses and competitions we offer.

Professor William Johnson’s undergraduate Investment Analysis and Portfolio Management course is unlike your traditional college classroom. This class is 100% real world. You’ll take an active role in running a portfolio of stocks using $80,000, provided by the University. You’ll gain practical experience and have faculty support and guidance by your side the whole way.

Then enter the Inter Collegiate Capital Markets Trading Competition—open to undergraduate and graduate students across all schools. You can simulate real-time trading while demonstrating your capacity to analyze, strategize, make decisions, and stand out against the competition. Teams of 3-4 are trained to use TD Ameritrade’s “thinkorswim” trading platform and are then challenged to develop the most compelling strategy. You’ll conduct a mock trade with $1 million over a two-week period. The competition runs from November 1st through the 15th, and the team that makes the most money at the end, wins.

You can also gain exposure to job or internship recruiting opportunities, and get attention from the media. In the Institutional Investor 2nd Annual All-America Student Analyst Competition, ALPHASEAL® creates a track record of fantasy portfolios and trading ideas so that companies can review performance statistics of students, and see who they are interested in hiring for summer internship positions. Last year’s top performers received media attention from CNBC, BusinessWeek, Yahoo! Finance, and other media outlets.

This year, five students from Suffolk University's graduate programs in finance are competing in the CFA Institute Research Challenge. They’ll integrate classroom leaning with the best practices from the industry, all while developing critical thinking skills, enhancing oral and written communication capacity, and expanding professional networks.

Students will be competing against nine other universities in the Boston area to analyze a Massachusetts-based company, produce a research report, and make recommendations to possible investors and portfolio managers.