Sawyer Business School honors students took some interesting selfies last week, as they were spotted mimicking historical monuments, skipping down Pie Alley, and boxing near Tony Demarco’s statue.

These antics were all part of the Honors Scavenger Hunt, which was jointly run by the Honors Program Office and a student-run business called Boston Uncharted.

Boston Uncharted provided the maps and photo challenges, and played a major role in the logistics. Led by three entrepreneurship majors—Trevor Young, Eric Hollenberg, and Joel Edwards—the company develops maps of Boston’s most popular neighborhoods and provides interesting history facts and promotes unique entertainment, dining, and shopping opportunities.

The Honors Scavenger Hunt drew 60 participants, ranging from freshmen to seniors. Split up into 10 teams, the students were encouraged to “get lost, explore, and have an adventure.”

The event was designed to build a sense of community among honors students as they raced across the city and out of their comfort zones. They took pictures with strangers and debated the fastest route to Longfellow Bridge, all while building new friendships and learning more about their city.

“Our goal was to create fun student interactions within the Sawyer Business School Honors Program,” said Young.

Mohammed Hayibor, a junior global business/finance double major, had a blast. Some of the most memorable stops along the way included the Boston Common, Faneuil Hall, Granary Burying Ground, and the North end.

“My favorite part of the race was when our group went to Union Oyster House and took a picture with strangers sitting at JFK’s favorite table,” said Hayibor. His team came in first-place and won Boston Brewin coffee and a "movie basket,” which included candy, popcorn, and six free movie tickets.

After the Scavenger Hunt, the students went to Limelight Studios for karaoke with Rammy.

Young said the event was a major success, and they hope to be involved again next year.